3 Capitals, 3 Countries in 3 Days

During this day trip we will visit the Capital city of Albania, Tirana. The modern Capital of 1001 opportunities. Plenty of things to visit and see in the city including a visit of the Check Point Block (Blloku), The Martyrs Avenue, Scanderbeg Square and one of the oldest mosque in the town, the Et-hem Beg Mosque. Have you ever heard about “The United Colors of Tirana”? More to explore on the tour.
Prizren, our next city to be visited in Kosovo. Prizren, a city with mixed ethnic people, living together peacefully. It is located on the banks of the Lumebardhi River between the foothills of the Sharr Mountains in southern Kosovo. The old town of Prizren has a very nice atmosphere where the Ottoman architecture style has been mixed with the modern one and makes each visitor to fall in love with it. The cobbled streets of the old town where you can hear the knocking of horses, the cold water sounds from the fountain of the main square are the best sounds of a magic town.
Prishtina, the largest city by area and population of Kosovo is predominantly populated by Albanians of which it forms the second-largest Albanian-inhabited capital after Tirana.
Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia, is in the north of the country, in the center of the Balkan peninsula, and halfway between Belgrade and Athens. The city was built in the Skopje valley, oriented on a west–east axis, along the course of the Vardar river, which flows into the Aegean Sea in Greece.
Ohrid, the UNESCO Heritage old town. Situated on the shore of the lake with the same name is considered the largest town around the lake. The city was known under the ancient name Lychnidos probably meaning “city of light”,
According to a local legend, Ohrid used to have 365 churches, one for each day of the year. Due to this has received the nickname “Jerusalem of the Balkans” The city is rich in picturesque houses and monuments which offers a very warm atmosphere.
Elbasan is one of the largest cities in Albania. In fact, though it has an early Ottoman name, it was definitely an Illyrian settlement since the 4th century BC. Settled on the valley of Shkumbini river, it developed and expanded as a station along the famous Via Egnatia Roman road. The Romans called it ‘Ad-Quintummansio’.
Often it is mentioned as “The Cradle of Education” in Albania due to the first teacher training college, or “Town of Music” related to the home of the greatest composer and musician of central Albania, Master Isuf Myzyri . The city is well-known for its special traditional desert (Ballakume), and also for its delicious soft drink “Boza”.

Day trip
Starting from Tirana, Durres Pier, Elbasan or anywhere else in Central Albania
Ending at the same point where we started.
Duration:3 Days

Itinerary of the Trip:

Day 1. Meet with Dorian. Depart from the pier/ hotel or your specified meeting place to reach the capital of Albania, Tirana. Sightseeing of the city and walking around the Scanderbeg square, Martyrs Boulevard, and The Block Quarter etc. Drive towards the border with Kosovo and after the border procedure we continue driving to Prizren. We will start walking through the cobbled streets of the old town admiring the beauty and the atmosphere in the air. We may visit Sinan Pasha Mosque, The League of Prizren, The Fortress situated above the city and enjoying the “the symphony of the mosques” at the praying time. Visit the Filigree workshop and deal with them about their handmade work. Plenty of delicious local food just on the side of the Lumebardhi river….
Overning in Prizren

Day 2. Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Prishtina, the capital of Kosovo. We start with a walking tour of the city which includes Mother Teresa Cathedral, The Unique Library, the Old Town with its mosques with decorated minarets. National Museum of Prishtina is on our plan during the visit of the town.
Later drive south to cross the border to North Macedonia. Just after the border procedure we drive for a short time to Skopje. We start with a walking tour of the city, Samuel fortress, Old Carshija, the new part of the city, so called the “Little Vienna”. Continue with the rest of the city tour after we have tasted some local Baklava.
Overnight in Skopje

Day 3. Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to the Matka canyon to enjoy a boat trip at the lake and visiting Vrelo cave wit stalagmites a stalactite. Continue driving towards Ohrid where we start with a walking tour of the old town. To be visited: the workshop for handmade paper, Saint Sofia Basilica, The ancient theatre, Samuel Fortress and Saint Clement Basilica and the roman ruins. Walking around the hill where spectacular views of the lake will be mixed with the beauty of Kaneo church. Drive to Struga to admire the Black Drini River spring. Continue our drive towards Albania with a stop and visit Elbasan city center. Late evening, we’ll head back to the hotel or your specified place.



Transport with a very comfortable car, minivan or van A/C etc
All surcharges for the car including International car insurance, parking & road taxes
Professional, Licensed-Certified Tourist Guide/Driver
Accommodation and meals for your guide/driver

Entrance fees wherever needed
Your accommodation, l can suggest and advise good hotels
Meals and drinks
Personal expenses
Tips and gratuities

Tirana city center

Important information:
Museums are closed on Mondays, except of any specific agreement in advance for visits of big groups, cruise ship visitors etc.
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
This tour is not recommended for those with walking disabilities or using a wheelchair due to hilly terrain.

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